3PL WMS Software Suite

Softeon 3PL software solutions are tailored to the specific needs of 3PLs with rich functionality and unique capabilities that accelerate implementation, reduce costs and maximize ROI.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

3PL Software from Softeon Isle with locations

Gain powerful, real-time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes with Softeon’s WMS.

  • Inbound: The system offers robust, flexible, real-time control over all aspects of the inbound and materials management side of warehouse operations. This includes location management, receiving, quality checking, putaway operations and inventory control.
  • Inventory: The system makes extensive use of powerful graphical tools that enable real-time inventory visibility and user-defined queries to view and manage inventory, as well as optimize resources and increase productivity.
  • Outbound: Functionality enables powerful orchestration of picking, shipping, loading and replenishment processes to drive highly efficient order fulfillment operations. Unique functionality is included to plan and release pick waves, multiple, advanced picking methodologies, integrated, real-time control and consolidation of pick routes from multiple order picking areas, highly intelligent allocation and replenishment logic, and much more.

Softeon’s WMS offers the industry’s most flexible approach to integration with voice picking, and provides significant advantages for those companies using advanced material handling systems, such as carton sortation, pick-to-light, ASRS and other technologies.

Customer Accounting

Meet any scenario your customers throw at you with complex billing management.

Sales Toolkit

Create demo models in your system to show your customers real-world proof of performance. Blend prospect data with real life costs to more accurately price your services.

  • Cost Modeling
  • Demo Tool

B2C Enhanced

Do it all more efficiently — multiple order sourcing, enhanced packing capability and advanced package rating integration.

  • Order Sourcing
  • Enhanced Packaging
  • Rating Integration

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