3PL Rapid Deployment

Integrate new business easily – and faster.
Deploy precisely what you need – and faster.
Get full-featured power with low infrastructure overhead – and get it faster.

WMS screenshot of voice App in CloudWMS Cloud

Softeon’s WMS Cloud allows 3PLs to centralize the management of multiple clients and locations with the flexibility of distributed solution deployments. Softeon offers a cloud-enabled, self-service platform to rapidly on-board new customers and sites that can be hosted on a public cloud or a private cloud at your own site or data center.

The cloud-based system comes with a set of tools that are simple, intuitive and designed for total self-service. You pay only for the features you need with access to additional functionality as you need it. Small and medium-sized facilities gain the processing power of a full computing infrastructure with no upfront hardware and software investment, a pay-as-you-go financial model and faster deployments.

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Configuration Wizard for WMS 3PL SoftwareTemplates & Configuration Wizard

Softeon’s standardized templates and warehouse configuration wizard speed implementation time, enable faster onboarding and support of multiple customers.

An intuitive interface is used to access all standard warehouse processes. The templates and configuration wizard make it simple to learn, set up and use the system with little IT support. And, the interface is designed to ensure that each WMS implementation can be easily configured by operations personnel and without errors.


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