3PL Extended Features

Extended features enable 3PL logistics service providers to selectively adapt functionality to solve customer pain points and offer a complete end-to-end solution.

sol_domsDistributed Order Management

Automatically move orders from order sourcing, routing and fulfillment.


With today’s complex business rules, order fulfillment requires automation at a high level to ensure accurate orders and quality customer service. Softeon’s Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution expertly manages order fulfillment across the supply chain, orchestrating across vendors, suppliers and customers and automatically evaluating fulfillment options to determine the optimal strategy.

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sol_tmsTransportation Management

Optimize inbound/outbound transportation processes.


Streamlining inbound and outbound logistics while monitoring contract compliance and keeping up with carrier capacity constraints and rate changes are daunting tasks. Softeon’s powerful Transportation Management System (TMS) offers full functionality to address these issues.

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sol_rmsResource and Labor Management

Increase productivity by planning labor resource requirements based on actual work.


Managing labor and equipment resources in distribution is key to reducing costs and minimizing execution variability. Softeon’s Resource Management System (RMS) module provides powerful tools that enable you control and optimize performance of these critical distribution resources.

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sol_ymsYard Management

Manage containers, trailers and every yard-related function more efficiently.


Managing containers and trailers to optimize logistics activities can’t rely on weak applications or manual systems. Softeon’s Yard Management System (YMS) extends the warehouse to the dock and the yard, ensuring yard security as well as improved inventory and resource management.

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sol_beverage_dsdDirect Store Delivery

Incorporate Smart Mobile technology for more accuracy and efficiency.


In the battle against rising delivery costs, routes and deliveries must run with military precision. Softeon’s Direct Store delivery (DSD) offers automation where load planning, pre-sold and peddle (driver sold) routes and driver settlement processes are synced with warehousing and accounting functions.

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sol_vmiVendor Managed Inventory

Perform inventory-demand balancing for your supply chain network.


Inventory, the most visible part of the supply chain, is difficult to balance in the handoff from suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to retailers. Softeon’s Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) enables all stakeholders in the supply chain to see into their networks and perform better S&OP forecasting and demand planning in true partnership fashion.

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sol_adpsAgile Demand Planner

Manage sales and demand forecasts and targets.


Staying on top of changes in demand which trigger changes in stock replenishment and inventory levels is a constant battle. Softeon’s Agile Demand Planner (ADP) integrates the silos of sales planning, demand planning, replenishment and inventory management into a single solution.

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sol_amsAssembly and Kitting

Optimize bill of materials and work order management.


Tight inventories and cost control means there’s no margin for error with assembly, kitting and reverse flows. Softeon’s Assembly & Kitting System (AMS) provides for the planning and execution of a wide range of value-added services in the distribution center. Powerful work order management capabilities support aggressive postponement strategies, including made-to-stock and made-to-order environments.

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sol_rpmReturns Process Management

Speed up receipt for rapid reuse and disposal of products.


Returns processing can suck profits right out of the supply chain. Softeon’s Returns Process Management (RPM) immediately identifies the items requiring returns in your network and tracks the shipment through the entire returns process, while creating the necessary paperwork.

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Streamline distribution processes with increased visibility.


Without end-to-end integration, sales order and inventory management processes fall victim to time consuming, error-prone orders and invoicing. Softeon’s Route Accounting System (RAS) is built around the entire delivery process — order, delivery and accounting – and continues to evolve, setting the standard with more advanced features, Smart Mobile tools, business analytics and delivery methods.

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