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Softeon 3PL

Ease implementation. Accelerate onboarding. Adapt easily to client requirements.

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) of all kinds need flexible customer operations, enabling them to develop creative service offerings for customers, prospects and new markets. With deep functionality, Softeon solutions are tailored to the specific needs of 3PLs and offer unique capabilities that accelerate onboarding, ease implementation, reduce costs and easily adapt to changing client requirements. Softeon’s web-based solutions create end-to-end supply chain visibility and support partner collaboration with suppliers, carriers and customers.

3PL Suite

Tailored for 3PLs, Softeon’s 3PL software solutions for warehouse management, distribution and billing  handle complex supply chain processes across multiple vertical industries.

  • Customer Accounting: complex billing management, including budget and P&L tool
  • B2C Enhanced: order sourcing, enhanced packaging and rating integration
  • Sales Toolkit: demo models with real-world proof of performance and cost modeling
  • 4-way Portal: integrated visibility and real-time tracking across all supply chain parties

Learn more about  how improve 3PL operations for virtually any customer segment.

Why Choose Softeon 3PL?

Arm your sales team with powerful tools.

Demonstrate a higher value proposition to customers.

Attract new customers and expand your business.

  • Selectively adaptive functionality to solve customer pain points
  • Set up customer demonstrations from your system
  • Cost modeling and price-cost alignment for accurate pricing
  • Rapid response to customer and prospect opportunities

Learn more about enabling your sales staff with a powerful toolkit.

Go further with an extended toolset.

Adapt quickly to evolving client needs.

Improve customer service with real-time visibility and with selectively adaptive add-ons.

  • Distributed Order Management : automatically move orders through verification processes
  • Vendor Managed Inventory: perform inventory-demand balancing
  • Transportation Management: optimize inbound/outbound transportation processes
  • Agile Demand Planner:  manages sales and demand forecasts and targets
  • Resource and Labor Management: powerful tools that enable you control and optimize performance
  • Assembly and Kitting: advanced solution for bill of materials and work order management

Learn how to ensure your project’s success with an end-to-end solution.

Assimilate new business easily.

Get full-featured power with low infrastructure overhead.

Gain power with faster deployments and a pay-as-you-go financial model.

  • Cloud deployment: low initial investment, quick time to market and reduced support overhead
  • Templates: standardized and repeatable to reduce onboarding and implementation resources
  • Configuration wizard: automated setup assistance for rapid onboarding of clients

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